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Drake Auto Specialties

At Drake Auto, our professionals handle a wide range of maintenance and repair services. Learn a little more about each now, then schedule your service with our team. For over a decade, we've been helping families across northern Virginia stay safe on the road with continued performance from their vehicles. Let us help you today.

Call (571) 244-6963 to schedule an appointment by phone, see us in person, or contact us online for more information. Free estimates are available, and we will do our best to meet or beat lower prices.

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General Auto Repair Services

Our general automotive services cover fluid checks and flushes, as well as inspections and common auto repairs. See us for your next: power steering flush, brake job, A/C service, transmission flush, transfer case, axle/differential service, engine flush, brake flush, cooling system flush, and much more.

We use only top quality fluids for all of our services. This includes API-certified motor oil and Dot 4 brake fluid just to name a few. Call for a quote on your service today. We will do our best to beat any dealer quote and meet or beat any of the competition.

We will also check any of you fluids for no charge if you would like to know how their status.

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Brake Services

We specialize in complete brake services. Check out the Drake's Brakes division for in depth information. All our services are competitively priced and we're Home of the $129 per axle service.

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Transmission Service

Drake Auto uses a state-of-the-art transmission flush system by Motorvac. We can do most flushes for half the cost of other automotive service shops. A transmission fluid flush is recommended at 24,000 to 30,000 miles by most manufacturers. The reason you're able to wait so long before this service is because a car’s transmission is actually one of the cleanest areas in the drive train. That's because transmission fluid includes a strong detergent as well as an anti-foam additive that keeps things clean during normal use. The problem is that the additives get worn out by 30 K miles. This is when the transmission fluid starts to foam and leave deposits inside the transmission housing.

The thickness of transmission fluid is called viscosity. Over the years, the viscosity levels of transmission fluid have changed. Today, the trend is thin fluid that complements the newer style valving found in modern cars for shifting and computer controls. Thin transmission fluid has some great positives. For one, it promotes better gas mileage. It also works better with the internal components of the transmission, which are made with tighter tolerances in modern vehicles. The transmission fluid needs to be thinner to fit between the moving metal parts.

There's a certain style of transmission called a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). European, Asian, and Domestic manufacturers have all used CVT transmissions at some point. The CVT design works similarly to the way that a snowmobile changes speed. There are two sheaves that move closer or farther apart to change the gear ratio without actually having gears. This makes for a smooth shift since it is continuously variable. The CVT takes its own kind of fluid. It is actually the same fluid as a standard automatic transmission, but it has an additive to help the fluid withstand high forces involved with this style of transmission.

Standard automatic transmission designs use a fluid pump to make pressure, and the pressurized fluid is sent through a valve body to direct pressure to different gears and clutch packs that make the car move in the desired direction. The valve body was once controlled by the vacuum in older cars, but it is computer controlled in modern vehicles.

The automatic transmission also has a filter. This filter is not like an oil filter and does not have to be changed at regular intervals on most vehicles. Often, you will hear someone say transmission fluid and filter change in the same way as saying engine oil and filter change. The transmission filter is actually a screen similar to the screen on the front door of your house. The screen is just there to stop large particles from entering the transmission pump and is not fine paper that clogs with time like an engine oil filter.

Here at Drake Auto, we can give your car a transmission fluid service or a transmission fluid and filter service. We are located in Sterling, VA and serve surrounding towns including Ashburn, Leesburg, Herndon, Reston, Brambleton, South Riding and other areas across Northern Virginia.

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Engine & Transmission Replacement

Do need an engine or transmission replaced?

We can handle the job. Here at Drake Auto, you can get a rebuilt engine or transmission with a warranty that covers up to 3 years or 100,000 miles.

We also have a variety of used engines and transmissions for almost any make and model, with warranties ranging from 101 days up to a lifetime warranty that even includes labor costs in the event you need a replacement.

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Muffler Replacement

Do your neighbors know when you're coming home before you get there? You may need a new muffler.

Here at Drake Auto, we have all types of mufflers. From exotic stainless steel mufflers with a lifetime warranty to simple and popular aftermarket brands. Whatever your budget allows, we can accommodate. We also do custom exhaust work.

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Shock, Strut & Suspension Check

Many vehicle problems can be caused by suspension issues. Shocks, struts, and springs can wear out even with normal use. Depending on the road conditions and your driving style, there can be signs of wear as early as 50,000 miles. Most suspension components can show significant ware by 90,000 miles.

Some common signs are uneven tire wear caused by worn springs, ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, and control arm bushings.

Feathering on tires is the uneven wear pattern that looks like the ridges of a scallop, where every other tread in the pattern is worn either higher or lower than the one before it. This is most commonly caused by bad shocks and struts. Most vehicles have struts on the front. The struts are actually a shock absorber with a spring mounted on it and a bearing on top. They help the front wheels turn. Struts and shocks are filled with fluid and sometimes use nitrogen as well. The fluid is pushed through a plate with holes inside the shock or strut, and this gives it the dampening action. Just like engine oil gets thinner as time goes by. so does the oil inside your shocks and struts.

An easy way to tell if you need new shocks or struts is to look at them with a flashlight and see if there is oil leaking on the outside. This can cause the car to handle unpredictably and even sway from side to side or bounce repeatedly after hitting a bump in the road. The lack of dampening causes the tire to bounce and makes the scalloped effect mentioned earlier. Expensive tire replacement can be avoided with proper suspension operation. An easy way to tell if your shocks or struts are wearing is by looking at the tires for uneven wear. Another way to tell is to park the car on level ground and push up and down on the front bumper. When you stop pushing on the down stroke, you should see the front of the car rise and then go back to the beginning position. If the front does two or three bounces after you stop the pushing, then it's time for new shocks or struts.

Another factor beside tire wear is safety. Worn shocks, struts, and suspension components make the car steer sluggish. If there is ever a situation where you need to steer quickly to get out of the way of another car or something in the road, then the car will dip down instead of steering quickly. Remember: a properly working suspension equals safety and savings.

Come in for a free suspension check. We will put the car on a lift for no charge and let you know how things are looking.

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30 K, 60 K, 90 K Services

Here at Drake Auto Repair, we offer factory 30-60-90 K services. We use all factory approved fluids to keep you factory warranty in effect. We have an extensive database with all the required items and fluids that will need to be replaced or checked during the service. We will also do a full vehicle check over to note any other items not listed on the factory’s list. We can offer better than dealer quality on these services. We are in independent shop that is owner operated, not a commission paid mass merchant. Call now for a free quote.

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Car Alignment

Is your steering wheel straight? Are you getting tire noise?

We do alignments to correct tire wear and suspension problems. We will check your vehicle's suspension system for loose or damaged parts. Then we will put your vehicle on the alignment rack and do a 2 or 4-wheel alignment depending on what you drive. We use up-to-date equipment and techniques, including cam bolt installation on fixed alignment vehicles that can be easily adjusted in the future. Call (571) 244-6963 now for a free quote on your custom alignment.

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Factory Service

Time for a factory service? We use factory approved fluids and filters to keep all manufacturer warranties in effect. First we'll determine what items need to be completed, then we'll call you with the required list of services. We use PH and moisture meters to check your fluids, so we only replace what is needed. We can flush your transmission, cooling system, brakes, power steering, and other vital fluids. We will also keep a record of your services on our database in case you ever need a record of services done.

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Power Steering Replacement

Do you have a Power Steering Problem? We can handle it!

Our certified technicians are masters at diagnosing problems with the power steering system in your car. Perhaps you've noticed a leak under your car or a whining noise when you turn the wheel. These are signs that your power steering pump could be failing or a hose could be leaking. We can pressure test the system to accurately determine if the problem is in the power steering rack or the pump. It is our pleasure to offer quality repairs and diagnosis for your power steering system. Call (571) 244-6963 now for a free quote.

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Timing Belt Service

A timing belt inspection usually only takes a few minutes and can save thousands in repairs.

Following recommended intervals for timing belt replacement can save you time and money. Our experienced technicians specialize in timing belt replacement on all makes and models of cars. Extended use of a timing belt will cause it to break while driving which can ruin your motor! It is nice to have some piece of mind regarding the condition of your engine. We will replace your belt and water pump and cam seals while checking the integrity of all rollers and pulleys, replacing those which are worn. Call now for a free quote.

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Tune Up

We offer quality Tune-Ups for all cars and light duty trucks. All items and fluids used will be factory approved to ensure quality repairs. If you have noticed a slight decline in the overall performance of your car or decreased gas mileage it could be time for a Tune-Up. Servicing your car regularly will help maintain good engine performance and longevity. Some examples of items that we will inspect are: Air Filters, Spark Plugs, Throttle Body, Washer Fluid, Hoses, Belts, Engine Oil and Coolant etc. Many Tune-ups are same day services. We can do most tune ups while you wait or we have a night drop box. Call (571) 244-6963 now for a free quote.

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A/C Repair & Service

Here at Drake Auto we can handle all of your air conditioning needs. We have the diagnostic tools to accurately trouble shoot and repair your automotive air conditioning system. First we will check the level of freon, then use a halogen leak detector to check for freon leaks throughout the system. Most leaks as small as 1 ounce per year can be detected. We also will only use pure freon R12 or R 134 to refill your system. We don’t use freon equivalents like freeze 12 which don’t deliver full cold air performance. We can also use dye for leak detection in certain situations where there are hard to find leaks in the evaporator core.

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Clutch Replacement

Is your clutch worn out? Does your clutch pedal chatter when engaging?

Here at Drake Auto we can replace clutches on all makes and models of vehicles. This includes 4-Wheel and All Wheel Drive vehicles. Whether you have a hydraulic or cable clutch, we will find the right match for your vehicle and your budget. We will turn the flywheel and replace the clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and pilot bearing on every job. Call now for a free quote.

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Head Gasket Replacement

Does your car have white smoke coming from the tailpipe? Is your engine leaking oil?

These are signs that you need a head gasket replaced. On some vehicles, it is more cost effective to replace the head gasket than to replace the engine. We can do an accurate diagnosis with a leak down tester and carbon dioxide tester to see if your head gasket is bad. We will also mill your cylinder head if it is warped, so you wont have any future gasket problems.

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Radiator Service And Replacement

Need your radiator replaced or serviced? We can help.

If you notice coolant leaks or your temperature gauge not reading as usual, you might need your radiator fixed. We are more than capable of fixing any coolant leak or radiator problem you may have. Our warehouses have radiators and coolant hose parts available for just about any car. Most cooling system problems are caused by the ph changing in the coolant, causing corrosion. If you notice a puddle of coolant underneath your car, we will do a free cooling system inspection. A moderate leak will eventually lead to your car overheating and possibly leaving you stranded. Let us help keep you safe and secure on the road.

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Tire Replacement

Is it time for a new set of tires? We offer tire replacement and balancing!

We work with TireRack, so you can have your tires shipped directly to our shop and enjoy wholesale prices. We can also do same day tire installs if you need them right away. If your tire just needs a repair, we can plug or patch as necessary. Call now for a free quote on tire replacement or repair service.

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