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Tire Mounting

Drake Auto is proud to be using some of the latest tire installation equipment on the market. With our Hunter Revolution tire installation machine, we can mount any size tire up to a 30 inch rim or 40 inch tire with touchless technology. Our equipment is fully automatic, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or broken TPMS tire pressure sensors. As of this writing, there are only two Hunter Revolution tire installation machines in the state of Virginia, and we are proud to have one of them.

What this means to you is that most older technology tire installation equipment uses clamps that come out from the center and press against the inside of the wheel. This can lead to dents in the rim from direct contact. Our equipment uses a center mount system that goes in the center of the wheel where the lug nuts are located, so we don’t have to touch the outside of the rim.

We can easily mount the hardest tires. With wheel prices upwards of $800 each on some exotic or custom cars, you don’t want a tire installation machine that clamps against the wheel. Many cars have a new style tire called a run flat. This means the sidewall is so stiff it can actually support the weight of the car for a short period of time while you drive your car to get the tire repaired. Another style of run flat tire has an insert inside the tire, where the air is, that supports the car in the event of a flat tire. The stiff sidewall of a run flat tire makes it very hard to install. Many auto repair shops and even some tire shops cannot install run flats. Or if they do, the technician installing the tires often has to use large pry bars or additional clamps to hold the tire down while the technician fights it onto the rim risking rim or tire damage.

Our specialized, fully automatic tire installation machine can easily handle the task of installing run flat tires with the same precision as with a standard car tire. Even if you have a large diameter rim with a very low profile tire we can do a clean trouble free installation with ease.

Some wide low profile and deep dish rims are called reverse mount. This is where the step on the inside of the rim is on the opposite side of the rim when compared to standard wheels. This means the rim will have to be set on the tire installation machine upside down with the shiney outside of the rim facing down. We have special adaptors to hold the wheel in the lug nut holes so the rim does not touch the machine. Since most reverse mount wheels are quite expensive this a very important feature to keep a clean scratch free tire installation.

Another type of rim is called a chrome clad. This type of wheel is mostly used by domestic car manufactures. It is a process where the outer side of the rim has a plastic coating bonded directly to the rim that looks like chrome. This plastic is permanent and if damaged the rim needs to be replaced. Some rims have a high spoke design where the spokes are higher that the outer bead area on the rim. With older technology tire installation equipment you run a risk of the mount head contacting the spokes causing potential damage. Only with touchless technology can you assure a clean trouble free tire installation. We have all the special adaptors to handle chrome clad and high spoke wheels with ease. We are serving Sterling, Ashburn, Leesburg, Herndon, Reston and all surrounding towns in Loudoun and Fairfax counties.

We welcome race car tires as well. Track or drag racing tires are no problem. With local car clubs using race and ¼ mile drag tracks like Summit Point, VIR and Budds Creek we can handle even the toughest installations.

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